Friday, July 20, 2007

baby on the loose

John loves to play in the pantry. So far he can reach only what's on the floor -- canned goods, some bottles, and the half-gallon container of olive oil. Michael and I were both in the kitchen the other day and somehow neglected to see that John, playing quietly in the pantry, had opened the olive oil, somehow (aided by a insecurely fastened top), and had it in his lap. Upside-down. Yes, he was sitting in a lake of olive oil, oblivious as only a baby can be. Michael said that all we could do was laugh (but he wasn't the one who cleaned it up!).

No spiritual lesson this time -- just a cautionary tale. The new, full container of olive oil has its top securely fastened, and I watch John much more closely when he's in the pantry.


Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Sorry, I'll try again:
As I intended to say, this really is hilarious, but so very messy! You think maybe he's already drawn to Italian cuisine?

Rita said...

Or just needs some serious moisturizer, maybe?

Leigh said...

Olive Oil...that young man bathes in style...canola would have been much for economical.

Love, The CPA's wife