Sunday, September 02, 2007

free at last

Some of you know what a difficult time I've had emotionally and spiritually since John was born. Well, after 9 1/2 months, God set me free! I feel like myself again, and I'm enjoying John so much more. SO many people have been praying for me, and after everything else failed (medication, clinics, counseling), God showed up through Smokey John's BBQ Bible study.

Two weeks ago there was an article in the Dallas paper about a Bible study being held for 26 years by Smokey John himself at his BBQ restaurant on Tuesdays at lunchtime. Michael read the article and said, "You need to read this and go." The article emphasized that this was a place where anyone was welcome and that God's Spirit was present. So on Tuesday, John and I went.

I cried much of the time, and afterwards several people came over to pray with me. One of them was Livingston, a Nigerian pastor, who prayed over me for the spirit of depression to depart and then said, "You will get better." I didn't have much hope, but I had hope in his hope. The next day, he and Libby, another Smokey John's regular, came to my hope and prayed with me. They told me to memorize some particular Scripture passages and to speak the Scripture out loud so that my subconscious could hear it instead of the lies I've been hearing in my head. In desperation, I tried this for several days.

Then, last Monday afternoon, I was speaking to Libby on the phone, and when I got off the phone I realized that I felt like myself again. I can't describe the difference -- like being released from bondage, having the sun come out, and having a huge burden lifted off of me, for starters. Life is good again. John and I continue to go to Smokey John's on Tuesdays.

"This happened so that we might rely not on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead." (2 Cor. 1). Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!


Susan said...

I am so glad for you and for Michael and for John!

Ruth said...

I agree with Susan. Praise God!

angie said...

Me too! I agree! Praise the Lord, indeed!

Welcome back to Life Outside the Pit! ::hugs::

sscrotty said...

Yea!!! I love your heart and how you open it!

Tara said...

Hey there -

You don't know me, but I am dealing with some of the same issues as you. It's great to know that things will get better. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth and Milan said...

We are praising God with you, Kristi! So glad to hear that you are feeling like yoursef again, only better, more sanctified, no doubt.

ali said...

i love that you, too, preach even here... and i LOVE that you go to barbecue bible study and god does wonders. i want to know that kind of god... :-)