Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We love because . . .

We love because He first loved us. For a while -- oh, years -- I've worried about how little love I have to give others -- apparently I haven't taken in huge amounts of God's love yet. Having PPD has been a wonderful opportunity to receive God's love through other people. I'm blown away by how family and friends have supported me through this dark time, weeks and months of having nothing of my own to give in return.

Why do people love me? My pastor says it's because they are loving me with Christ's love that they have received. I heard Marva Dawn (Christian writer) at a conference say that she asked her husband why he loves her, expecting him to point to her intelligence or other fine traits. Instead, he said, "Because you need it." It's humbling and freeing to be loved because I need it rather than because of what I do or have to offer.

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dishie said...

When my kids ask me the same question (Why do you love me?), my answer is "because God made me to love you". The other answer I give them sometimes is "because God put you in our family". It's the same idea....it's not WHAT you do, but WHO you are. Of course, Who made you factors in there as well. :)

Good post, as usual!