Monday, April 05, 2010

Not the Right Way

We had it all worked out -- a buyer for our home, a new house lined up contingent on the sale of ours. Then our buyer pulled out last Wednesday, no reason given. So now we are hoping to find another buyer in time to still get the new house.

Michael has faith and is calm; I am very disappointed and angry at that lame buyer and at God, who either doesn't want us to get that other house or doesn't want to make it easy, neither option being acceptable to me.

The other day I was taking the kids on a few errands. First, the post office. As I drove there, John shouted, insistently, from the backseat: "This is not the right way! It's not the right way!"

I told him I knew how to find the post office. And I did.

We left and I said, "Now, to the park." Again from the backseat: "This isn't the right way! It's not the right way!"

"John, I'm driving this car. Remember how I got us to the post office? Do you think I might know how to get to the park too?"

"Well . . ." John said, "I guess . . . . No. This isn't the right way!"

Logic doesn't help much when you're the one in the backseat and the way is unfamiliar. But as usual, I see myself in John. I would like to trust more in God and the unfamiliar (and unwanted) road he's taking me on.


Susan said...

Thank God he doesn't listen to us, but keeps "driving" us the real right way.

I'll be praying for you.

Susan Ray

Kristi said...

Susan! What a delight to hear from you. Thank you for your prayers.

I have been thinking of you lately -- I'm writing a little essay in which you play a part :) I'll share it w/ you when it's in decent shape.