Friday, August 29, 2008

babies and brokenness

I haven't written in a long time -- since I started feeling fatigue and morning sickness -- being pregnant takes a lot out of me! People talk about writing a book as like having a baby -- I guess for me, it's one or the other: if I'm working on a baby, I'm not working on writing! Anyway, I'm due in mid-March and we are very excited that our family will soon welcome another child.

Just thinking about how when I lived in Japan, I knew people who collected fine Japanese porcelains. In one home I saw a beautiful plate that had been broken and repaired with some kind of gold adhesive; unlike superglue, the fixative showed and, I was told, is thought to add to the beauty of the piece. Such a plate is unique and treasured.

I think God works in our lives in a similar way -- when he tends to our broken places, he doesn't hide the cracks. I mean, we can, of course, try to hide the cracks, even after we've let him work there, and pretend like we've been perfect all along. But our repaired brokenness glorifies him.

Last night I was talking to someone who shared with me an area of imperfection: something she has struggled with, which happens to be something I struggle with. I was so encouraged to hear how God has helped her in this area -- pure gold, much more valuable to me than if I thought success in this came to her naturally.

I usually just throw away broken dishes. It's comforting to think that we are so precious to God that he makes us whole in unique ways and treasures us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi,
This entry was well worth waiting for. I am glad you are writing again. I look forward to these glimpses into your spiritual journey.

Jennie-Joy said...

Hey Kristi!

Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog.

I know what you mean about the gold glue, and I'm glad the LORD has gone through the loving, painful process of healing my brokenness instead of casting me off.

Yay God!

In His love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi,
I look forward to your next writing. My understanding of this entry deepens each time I re-read it. Your work is very profound.

Kristi said...

Thanks, "Mercy." I'm always grateful to read your encouraging comments.