Sunday, May 11, 2008

It Could Have Been Worse

Last night, Michael said, "Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I'm sorry I didn't get you a card." Michael always writes me deep, thoughtful cards on major holidays. He and I have the flu, so I knew he hadn't done anything. No problem. It'll come.

I told him that Angie, who had been feted in advance, got a KitchenAid mixer for Mother's Day, AND they went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. I'd been sitting on this report for a few days because I didn't want to imply that I needed a similarly spectacular Mother's Day. (I cook as little as possible and would just feel pressured by a fancy mixer.)

We turned in.

Michael's voice woke me: "Kristi, John threw up all over his crib."

I'm up.

When it comes to vomiting, John is extremely considerate in aim and timing. Yet again, he limited his targets to machine-washables and the floor, and during daylight hours. And he's one-and-done. Once he's thrown up, he returns to his sweet, energetic self.

I threw John's pajamas, bedding and Blankie in the wash while Michael gave John a bath.

"Angie isn't having this special of a Mother's Day," Michael said.

Let's hope not.

Happy Mother's Day!


Ruth said...

Kristi, I'm so sorry, though I do like your attitude!

angie said...

I am sorry too, for your Mother's Day "present"! And such a sweet boy to aim for the washables. Silver linings, silver linings!

*Disclaimer: You forgot to say that this is only the 2nd time in my mothering experience (8 years) that I have received a gift on Mother's Day. But I'm starting to like it....

Kelsey said...

Ha ha! I had no idea! Such a sweet boy that John, and so considerate to limit his "mess" to washable surfaces...

Definitely a memorable Mother's Day!